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New release: Rekall — a street-smart stencil typeface

13 Oct 2019

Rekall is a new display family by Shiva Nallaperuma that doesn’t give a hang about optimal readability. Inspired by a high-fashion streetwear brand, Shiva wanted the letters to be rebellious and cunning, built around a strict logic instead of stenciling planks into conventional letterforms. The result is an exciting family in five styles — from aggressive (the Light) to massive (the Heavy) — that you can mix and match at pleasure. Next to the five weights, a set of decorated styles was added, from the outline stencil Factory to the radient, striped Techno or Infra, round out the striking palette and cry out for being used on posters, record sleeves, t-shirts and boards.

And welcome to Bold Monday, Shiva!