IBM Plex is the new unique corporate typeface for IBM. Designed in collaboration with Mike Abbink it has been carefully tuned to meet the requirements for one of the largest technology companies in the world and to reflect IBM’s brand spirit, beliefs and design principles. The new design of the typeface is rooted in the idea of man and machine, and borrows influences from sources such as the IBM logotype and historical typewriter typefaces. The balance of engineering versus design set the principles from which this design was born.

At this moment the IBM Plex family comprises sans-serif, serif and monospace styles to serve a variety of needs across communications and digital experiences. The sans and the serif are the workhorse families and the monospaced is great for informal communication and for developers to code with. Each branch of the IBM Plex family comes in eight weights with italics. In the future, condensed and several non-Latin script versions will be added to the family.

IBM Plex has been released as open source under a SIL OFL 1.1 license and the fonts can be downloaded from the IBM Plex website

The IBM type family has received a Judge’s Choice Type Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence in 2018.


IBM Corporation, Armonk 

In collaboration with
Mike Abbink, New York/Austin

Bold Monday team
Paul van der Laan
Pieter van Rosmalen
Barbara Bigosińska
Diana Ovezea
Aleksandra Samuļenkova
Jasper Terra
Edgar Walthert
Marko Hrastovec
Pablo Gamez