The visual identity of the Dutch police by Studio Dumbar is one of the most iconic examples of Dutch graphic design, dating back to 1992 and still looking fresh and contemporary. When Studio Dumbar needed a matching sans-serif suitable for text and display applications in print and on screen, we designed Politie Sans — a custom family based on Nitti Grotesk.

The three weights and italics are optimized for body copy and clear rendering in small sizes. However, their distinct differences to Nitti Grotesk become especially visible in larger uses: the tail-less ‘a’, the spurless ‘u’, the more circular forms of round characters, or the chamfered spurs and terminals e.g. in ‘t’. By changing small features like this, Politie Sans feels more alert, open and less traditional than other grotesques, giving the Dutch police a visual form more current than ever.



Dutch police

Art direction
Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam