Bold Monday designed KPN Display in 2006 for the corporate identity of KPN Royal Dutch Telecom. The family consists of three weights, each with three different stylistic sets of letterforms, ranging from restrained (stylistic set 01) to exhuberant (stylistic set 03). This way, the typeface allows for slightly different tones in an overall cohesive communciation. A large set of connected letters and ligatures help to visualize the company’s catchphrase: “KPN sluit je aan” — “KPN connects you”.

In 2010, KPN’s corporate identity was updated by design studio Koeweiden Postma and, at their request, KPN Display was reworked into KPN Headline. Several characters were adapted and an Extra Bold weight added. In 2011, we designed KPN Accent, the version currently in use.


KPN Telecom, The Hague

Art direction
Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam (KPN Display, 2006)
Koeweiden Postma, Amsterdam (KPN Headline, 2010)
Koeweiden Postma, Amsterdam (KPN Accent, 2011)